The rise in violent crime in Georgia is not only a public safety issue—it is a quality of life issue for families and communities. Protect Georgia knows that gangs are operating in all 159 counties in Georgia, and that the majority of violent crime in our state is gang-related. 

What concerns us most is who is terrorized most often by these gangs—lower income, racially-diverse and immigrant populations. In addition to terrorizing our communities and purposefully targeting young people for recruitment, gangs have a ripple effect on other types of crime as well, as they try to make money off drug trafficking, human trafficking, smash-and-grab retail crime, cybercrimes, stolen benefits from our seniors, and more.

In 2018, Attorney General Chris Carr brought law enforcement officials from all levels of government together to create the Georgia Anti-Gang Network. The organization focuses on strengthening multi-jurisdictional investigations and prosecutions, improving intelligence-sharing capabilities, stopping recruitment, and identifying proven and effective prevention programs.

Building on this foundation, Attorney General Carr created Georgia’s first-ever statewide Gang Prosecution Unit in 2022, with the support of Governor Brian Kemp and members of the General Assembly. Already, the unit has indicted dozens of alleged gang members from across the state.

Human Trafficking:

Safety is a fundamental human need. It is not partisan or political. It is simply human. And every single Georgian—no matter where they live—deserves to feel safe and BE safe in their own home.

There is no place on the planet that is immune to the horrors of human trafficking—including Georgia. Human trafficking, whether involving sexual exploitation or forced servitude, is considered the fastest-growing illegal industry in the world, with the average victim being a young girl in 6th to 8th grade.

To combat human trafficking crimes, Attorney General Carr created Georgia’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit in 2019. A statewide, first-of-its-kind effort, the Unit allows the AG’s office to work more closely, effectively, and aggressively with law enforcement at all levels of government to prosecute criminals and rescue victims of these heinous crimes.

Elder and At-Risk Adult Abuse:

Chris Carr has made combating elder abuse a cornerstone of his mission as Attorney General. Whether physical, emotional, financial, or by neglect, such abuse is a particularly devastating crime, especially when perpetrated by a family member—which reports show is the case a shocking 90% of the time. Additionally, adults 18 years or older with physical or mental disabilities can also be at risk for such abuse.

As Attorney General, Chris Carr has led Georgia’s Medicaid Fraud Division with an emphasis on investigating all types of abuse and exploitation of our state’s elderly and at-risk adults.

Opioid Epidemic:

America’s ongoing opioid epidemic knows no bounds, affecting every state in our union. As Attorney General, Chris Carr has led Georgia’s fight against this epidemic, cracking down on overprescribing of opioids, and holding pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors accountable for their roles in contributing to this crisis.

In 2017, Attorney General Carr announced the Statewide Opioid Task Force to break down silos of communication between public, private, and non-profit organizations involved in combating this crisis. The task force includes more than 300 partners who are continuing their important work to save lives.

School Safety:

Our children are our future. Attorney General Carr is committed to ensuring that our classrooms are places where students can learn without the threat of violence and crime. Additionally, Attorney General Carr is working around the state to identify and share best practices to prevent our children from gang recruitment and a life of crime.